Containers – Nursery, Greenhouse & Plant Propogation

We carry a wide variety of nursery containers to fulfill your growing needs. We carry many sizes, shapes, weights and colors to fit your needs. If your company requires branding, we can help make that happen. This is not an extensive list, so contact us if you are looking for another item. 


Belden: & catalog 
Belden Plastics has been providing innovative, USA-Made, injection molded plastic pots to growers since 1965. Known for developing a product that independent garden centers can count on to help build their business, Belden pots are superior in quality, provide innovative grower friendly features all with 100% recycled materials.

Bloom Master:
Every artist needs the right tools. Bloom Master has been designed by hanging basket enthusiasts for hanging basket enthusiasts. The patented plug-insert design puts more possibilities into the designer’s hands and is simply a better container for hanging baskets (and portable vegetable gardens for that matter). The design choices of plastic material, deeper baskets, and plentiful holes all support the efficient and productive growth of plugged flowers and further display those flowers in a showy and pleasing way.

ITML/Dillen: & catalog
A leading grower brand of the Myers Industries Lawn & Garden Group – provides one of the industry’s largest selections of Horticultural Containers, Hanging Baskets, Propagation Trays, Plug Trays, Flats and more for professional growers.  Supported by Labeling and Multi-color Offset Printing options, you can create a custom package for your plants for vivid retail displays and plant branding.

Jiffy Pots:
The Jiffy peat pot appeared on the horticultural scene in the 1950´s making it the first earth friendly certified home compostable container. Available in many different versions and sizes,  a Jiffypot can potentially offer a ‘bio’ solution for almost every job. Today’s Jiffypots are well suited to work in many of the automation solutions  found at modern nurseries. Jiffy pots,  even though it has 60 years of offering an environmental friendly alternative to plastic pots under its belt, still is very relevant in today’s market looking for bio solutions.

Landmark: & catalog
Their injection molded and thermoformed products can meet virtually any size, propagation, water conservation or transportation need. And because they’re precision-made in a state-of-the-art facility, everything made includes the uncompromising quality that allows for easy use. Not to mention the flexibility to customize your products with a variety of color, printing and labeling options to highlight your brand.

TO Plastics: & catalog
In addition to a proprietary line of wholesale plastic plant pots, trays and containers, T.O. Plastics offers custom product design and custom thermoforming capabilities for a wide range of horticultural applications.

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