Garden & Yard Decor

Tasteful yard and garden decorations can spruce up your space. We have selected these few brands as being the most desired and loved by our customers.


Arcadia Garden Products: & catalog
Arcadia Garden Products is your source for value, variety, and the outstanding quality your customers expect. We are proud to showcase their expanded product lines which have been carefully selected to meet a variety of consumer tastes and budgets. In addition to their award winning PSW Pot Collection, they now offer hand tools, wall art, decorative stakes, birdbaths, and many garden accessories designed for function, fun, and flair.

Erva Nature House: & catalog
Erva manufactures garden hooks, deck hangers and shepherd staffs designed to hold bird feeders and flower baskets in your garden, on your deck, patio and porch. Additionally, they manufacture the largest selection of bird feeder poles and squirrel baffles. Their World’s Greatest™ squirrel baffles are the bestselling American made predator guards.

Glamos Wire Products: & catalog
They supply the North American and International markets with lawn and garden products such as folding fence,tomato cages, plant hangers, plant supports; Single loop bale ties for scrap recycling and baling operations; Wire concrete forms for sizing rings for manhole covers, catch basin forms, etc.; Custom wire forming based on customer specifications and needs.

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