Grass Seed

We offer many varieties of seed including field grass, grains, alfalfa, clovers, forage mixes, champ turf grass mixes, blue grass, rye grass, fine fescue blends, wild flowers, and more. Below is a select list of seeds that we carry. If you do not see what you are looking for, call or email us.


K-31 Tall Fescue:
An economical, low-maintenance Tall Fescue variety that is unique for its increased heat tolerance when compared to other fescue varieties. It has a coarse texture and light green color, is easy to establish and tolerates both wear and drought. For use in full sun to medium-shaded areas. Durable, economic grass seed. Holds up well under foot traffic.

Midnight Blue:
Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass is the most popular Blue Grass in America. Growing Kentucky Blue grass from seed can truly be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, giving you a Bluegrass lawn that is as durable as it is lovely. Homeowners and professionals alike turn to Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass lawn seed for the excellent turf qualities that it produces. Benefits include: a very dark blue-green color, dwarf growth habit, drought tolerance, strong disease resistance, and good tolerance to close mowing.

Orchardgrass is a bunch-type, tall-growing, cool-season perennial grass. It is one of the most productive cool-season grasses, tolerant to shade, fairly drought resistant with moderate winter hardiness. Orchardgrass does not exhibit as much tolerance to drought or winter hardiness as tall fescue and bromegrass.  Orchardgrass is fast-growing and matures very early in the spring.

Plus Rye Blend:
Bright green, fast growing, and prolific; the ryegrasses do much for lawns by adding contrasting color to early spring flowers, trees and shrubs as well as nutrients.

Pro-Turf Blue Rye Blend:
Holds up well to lower mowings. Grows quickly to maintain good color. Deep blue-green color holds into the fall. Blue Rye is a mix of Ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass. Baseball infields and athletic turfs are the favorite locations for Blue Rye. This blend can take a lot of sun.

Shade Fine Fescue:
Grows well in northern climates, in partial shade, has a finer leaf blade and is able to withstand periodic droughts. Note that fine fescue grass can be weakened by very hot temperatures and extra water is necessary when heat waves last more than a week. Fine fescues are superior to other cool season grasses in their shade adaptation. They are capable of more rapid leaf growth under shaded conditions, but do not grow as fast when in full sunlight. The water use rate for fescue grass is much lower than Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass, and drought tolerance is good.

Smooth Bromegrass:
Smooth bromegrass is a leafy, sod-forming perennial grass that is best suited for hay or early spring pasture. It is deep-rooted and spreads by underground rhizomes. Smooth bromegrass survives periods of drought and extremes in temperature. It can be grown on a variety of soil types, but grows best on well-drained silt-loam or clay-loam soils.

Sunny Mix:
A premium seed mixture that provides a drought resistant, dense lawn that thrives in sunny areas. 1/3 Kentucky Blue, 1/3 Creeping Red, & 1/3 Ryegrass.

Timothy grass is a perennial bunch grass with shallow & fibrous roots used for pasture, hay production and forage for horses, cattle and livestock. Timothy grass is best adapted to northern (cold) cooler climates and may be planted with clovers, alfalfa and other legumes for food plots for deer and other wildlife. Timothy grass performs well in moister areas and is very tolerant to acidity. Timothy Grass is well suited for use in pastures, rotational grazing, hay, conservation, erosion control and silage in the north eastern and north central climates in the US.

True Blue Blend:
True Blue is a pre-blended mixture of three top ranking certified proprietary Bluegrass varieties which offer excellent turf quality at an affordable price. Each of these varieties contributes a dark green genetic color, fine texture and excellent disease resistance. Together, True Blue out performs singular varieties. Sustained turf quality and color from early spring through summer and late into fall. Excellent sod strength and superior drought tolerance.

Versagrass derives its name from its ability to be used for nearly any application or to serve any purpose. It is excellent at handling a wide range of soil types and weather conditions. Excellent for waterways, terraces, ditches, banks, & headlands. Great companion for alfalfa and clovers. Works great for permanent pastures. Easier to establish than straight bromegrass.

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