Growth Regulators

A plant growth regulator is an organic compoud, either natural or synthetic, that modifies or controls one or more specific physiological processes within a plant. If the compound is produced within the plant it is called a plant hormone. This is not an extensive list of the growth regulators that we carry, but they are the most popular. Please call or email us if you have any questions.


B-Nine WSG: msds
B-Nine WSG reduces plant height in ornamental plants by reducing internode length. Other benefits include a deeper green color and reduced breakage during shipping. B-Nine WSG when applied to plant foliage is absorbed into the leaf, moves within the plant to the growing points to reduce internode elongation. On certain crops a tank mix of B-Nine WSG plus Cycocel can provide a synergistic effect that results in enhanced activity.

Cycocel: msds
Cycocel is among the most reliable and widely used plant growth regulators on the market today. Cycocel may be used on any crop in the greenhouse or nursery including but not limited to, poinsettias, hibiscus, azaleas, and geraniums to reduce stem elongation, induce early flowering, improve flowering, and to produce compact plants with multiple buds per shoots.

Dazide WSG 85%: msds
Water soluble granule PGR for use on container-grown ornamentals; usually used for shorter-term inhibition. Controls plant height and promotes flowering of a broad variety of flowering ornamentals.

Sumagic: msds
Sumagic Plant Growth Regulator gives you a great way to consistently keep plants from outgrowing their marketability. Sumagic offers a broad label for use on numerous plants, from bedding plants to woody ornamentals to poinsettias. Sumagic applications produce plants with denser, more consistent compact growth with increased plant shelf life—and no phytotoxicity—when used according to label directions.

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