Greenhouse Equipment & Supplies

Replacing greenhouse covering can be a hassle, so it is important to choose something long-lasting.


Quick ship, cut to size, & no minimums is what makes Green-Tek, Inc. the leading converter, fabricator and master distributor of greenhouse coverings and components, thermal glazing and plastic pallets. Green-Tek’s expertise and knowledge of the greenhouse enables the company to offer the newest cutting edge technological developments in the industry.

The Greenhouse Company manufacturing quality Jaderloon™ products was founded more than 35 years ago by two Clemson University engineering graduates. The Greenhouse Company manufactures quality Jaderloon™ greenhouses that range from 12 feet in width to 42 feet wide.

Schaefer Fans:
If your horticultural/greenhouse needs require anything from enhanced ventilation, air circulation, spot heating/cooling to process heating or cooling, Schaefer Ventilation can provide the solution.

Poly-Cover plastic sheeting is guaranteed to be full weight, full measure and thickness. Meets building code specs. Warp’s has made construction and consumer sheeting longer than anyone else. Plastic sheeting is available in widths ranging from 12″ to 50′ and in thickness from .75 mil to 10 mil. Available in clear and sun-resistant black.

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