Hardscape Tools

We work with many manufacturing companies that design and create state of the art tools for your landscaping jobs. If you are looking for something else, don’t hesitate to ask because we may be able to get it for you.


Advantage Light Source: advantagelightsource.com
The industry’s premier choice for landscape lighting fixtures and components.

Boar Hog Diamond Tools: boarhogtools.com
Diamond blades for concrete, pavers, block, clay brick, asphalt, and many more uses.

Chapin Sprayers: chapinmfg.com
Sprayers include metal Tri-Poxy and stainless steel sprayers, polyethylene sprayers, backpack sprayers, hand sprayers and dusters, pest control sprayers, industrial sprayers, and many, many more.

EcoLawn Applicator: ecolawnapplicator.com
Self propelled top dresser and compost spreader. Motorized applicator built for turf care professionals. Easy to use and superior maneuverability.

E-Z Trench: eztrench.com
Landscape edgers that have superior maneuverability, pneumatic tires, and are compact designs.

IQ Power Tools: iqpowertools.com
Concrete and masonry power tools with integrated dust collection.

RZ Mask: rzmask.com
Premium neoprene masks with dual valve technology and active carbon filters.

SOLA Levels: sola.us
Resulting from intensive analysis and development with demanding professional craftsmen who require top quality tools, SOLA have created a new generation of professional spirit levels. Screed levels also available.

The Kracker: hultontool.com
Wall Splitter designed to help you make a clean easy split. Easily pumped hydraulic foot action pedal. Dust-free and quiet.

Trusty-Cook Dead Blow Hammers: trustycook.com
One piece polyurethane construction, no exposed metal, no mark or sparks, and textured handle.

Weber MT: webermt.us
Vibratory tampers, vibratory plates and reversible compactors

Wolverine Products: wolverinehandtools.com
Offer the professional contractor superior strength and quality that stands the test of time. Standard and specialty tools are created using superior materials such as chomoly steel, aircraft aluminum, pulltruded fiberglass, and ash or hickory hardwoods.

ZipLevel: ziplevel.com
Unlike a rotary laser, ZIPLEVEL® lets you truly work alone to quickly and easily level and read elevations directly in unmistakably clear digits. NO MORE rods, tripods, sensors, line-of-sight, error with distance, factory calibration or tedious computations. Now you can measure over any distance or elevation on earth, from paper thickness to the height of a mountain without error-inducing tabulation or math.

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